J.Lo and Shakira at NFL Super Bowl Show

NFL Superbowl

NFL Super Bowl Half Time Show 

J.Lo and Shakira making history as the first-ever two Latinas share the stage at NFL Super bowl


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National Football League just happened, and what shocked the audiences was the mesmerizing performance by two dynamic pop Divas. Yes, all you need to need to know is that Jennifer Lopez and Shakira shared the stage at the NFL Super Bowl halftime show and just stole the show with their epic performance. As the hips don’t lie and neither do the reviews, they both crushed it and people just loved the show.

First Shakira appeared on the stage and used her high octane set to show off her performing art. She sang and performed on hit no’s like Whenever, Wherever and danced her way through the show-stopping no’s. She was also joined by fellow Latin Chart-topper ‘Bad Bunny’.

And then came J.Lo, singing out her greatest hits like “Waiting for tonight” and channeling her inner hustler with some stunning moves. J.Lo also invited her fellow Latin artist J. Balvin to perform on one of the fan’s favorite songs Mi Gente. The two Divas eventually taking over the stage together. Shakira even joined in on the drums and also there was a very special guest, Lopez’s 11 years daughter. Definitely a moment to watch.

Despite putting on such a stunning performance, J.Lo and Shakira were not paid for it. And this isn’t an anomaly — every Super Bowl halftime performer from Beyoncé to Bruno Mars has essentially worked for free. According to Forbes, the NFL invests approximately $10 million in production costs to provide these performers with a free platform to advertise their work.

One of a handful of political moments also drew attention to the symbolism of children in cages making comparisons to the families separated at the border.

 The History-making show undoubtedly accomplished with the dynamic performers set out to do. In an interview, Shakira and J.Lo said “We want the audience to feel joyful, happy and inspired when they leave the show. They should know that they went to a great party, an all-inclusive party. A party that integrates all cultures and diversity”

 The show also paid a tribute to Kobe Bryant, who died in a plane crash recently. Before the show, all the players gathered and lined up to honor Kobe Bryant, his daughter and all others who died in the incident.

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Overall it was a fun and exciting night with some beautiful and historical moments. 

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