How to style Leopard Print

leopard print

How to Style Leopard Print

Timeless Style Essential 


History of animal prints goes back to the times of Kings and Queen, who used to keep animal printed rugs and furniture. It was a symbol of wealth and status for them. They used to be very expensive and were mostly made up of real animal skin. Animal print became popular among women fashion in the 1960s. In 1947, Christian Dior introduced a wide range of animal print accessories. In the 1960’ and 1980s leopard print was often the staple of rock stars. But now, these animal prints have got so much popularity that people love to use them for handbags, decoration items, and even some jewelry.


Timeless fashion Essential   

Are you tired of that monotonous dull wardrobe you are wearing and want to pull off something wild yet chic? Then animal printed items should be your go-to pieces. Animal prints are something that never goes out of style, a timeless fashion staple, and always take your personal style over to the wild side.  Carrying leopard print with real sophistication is always a sign of true fashionista yet challenging. They are daring, elegant and quick style-makers. However, it important to keep yourself on the right side of animal print.

Animal print is such a fashionable addition to one’s style that one should not limit to using them in just clothes. Rather you can always use bags, accessories, jewelry, and anything in animal print. Surely, an animal print will always make you look sexy and more fashionable if carried properly.

Types of Animal Prints

When we talk about animal print, there is a wide range of animal prints that you can incorporate in your personal style. Let’s be honest, it depends on your style and liking, what you prefer to wear. Some prints that generally come in the line of animal print are Leopard print, Cheetah Print, Zebra print, and snake print, etc

How to Style Leopard Print?

Leopard Print

Leopard print is the most talked about and styled animal print. So we start off with the wildest Leopard print and how it can be incorporated in the wardrobe.

Long Maxi

A leopard-printed long chiffon maxi is an ultimate item to carry in summers. Even as casual wear or while attending any part, leopard printed maxi will instantly pop up your style. Pairing it up with high heels and a little touch of accessories like a watch and smart-looking earrings definitely make a trendy yet sophisticated look.

Leopard Print Maxi
Source: Forever 21

Mini Dress  

Apart from long skirts and maxi, animal print can definitely make a mark in miniskirts. I believe it never depends on the dress rather how you carry it. Pairing a leopard printed mini skirt with high heels and open hair will help you rock at a party. You can also pair it up with long boots. This satin bodycon, animal printed dress from is a perfect example of how you can carry a mini dress with animal print on it with style and class. And just look at those big hoop earrings. Simply wow.


leopard print mini dress

Flared pants/ Bottoms

It is not necessary to have a top or full dress with animal print instead you can also just carry a pant or trousers to give a touch of animal print to your staple. These flared pants are from You can wear them with a crop top or off-shoulder top and heels or even flats. Either way, they will add a chic element to your overall style.

Animal print Flared pants
Source: Depop

Leopard Printed Jackets

If you are tired of an all-black look in winters then get your style over to the wild side. You can also add an animal printed item to your winter closet. Jackets and long coats with leopard print and a little faux fur is a legit style statement.

Leopard printed Faux coat


Apart from leopard print, there is a wide range of animal prints available. You can decide which one perfectly suits your personal style.

Like this Zebra printed high neck top for winters is a stylish addition to your closet. And the other cheetah printed off shoulder bodycon is also a chic piece.

Zebra print

Cheetah Print

Full Animal printed look

You can always go full wild and experimental with your dresses. Like Kim Kardashian over here is donned with a full cheetah print dress. Kim loves to experiment looks and always goes over the top with her dress choices. So can you. If it suits your style, go with a full animal printed bodysuit and make a statement.

Full animal printed





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