History of America   |   Pre Columbus

History of America

History of America  

Pre Columbus

Around 35000 years ago, through the time of ice age, ice-covered the land. People traveled via watercraft along with the coats and through land bridges (that are now covered under Bering Strait but were clearly seen when glaciers covered the Earth) from north East Asia i.e. Serbia to a place that is now called Alaska and lived there for thousands of years. With the passage of time, exploring more of the land, people traveled to the south that is now called the United States of America. They settled along the Pacific Ocean in North West, mountains in South West along the river of Mississippi.

It is believed that Africans had already discovered America thousands of years ago and civilizations used to live in Chile in South America.


Early Settlers

History of America shows early tribes who traveled from Asia to North America and settled in this region was:

  • Anasazi
  • Hohokam

They build villages and grew crops for their survival. Society was primarily clan oriented where elements of nature played an essential part in their spiritual belief.


Early Settlers of America

The First Europeans arrived in North America through Greenland in the west. It was 500 years before other Europeans explored the place. The first Europeans were the explorers in the search of a sea passage to Asia which was a huge market for their products after the pathway was closed due to the Ottoman Empire.

Others chiefly British, Dutch, French and Spanish came later to claim the land and riches of what they called “New World”.

Before Europeans, there were four other civilizations living in   America

  • Red Indians
  • Mayas
  • Aztecs
  • Incas

Exploration of America

Until the 15th century, it is believed that nobody knew about a continent across the Atlantic Ocean. Columbus was among the first and was famous explorers that brought Europeans and Americans together.

He was born in 1447, Genoa, Italy and was a son of wool comber. He never believed that Earth is straight, while others thought that sea falls into the deep abyss. While the Europeans were searching for the shortest distance to Asia, he was determined to explore new lands and ways to Asia. He was arrogant by nature and conditioned that he must be made governor of all the lands he discovers. So, no one acted at his patron to help him sail. To earn patronage, he went to King Portugal but his proposal got rejected. Finally, he went to King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain to help him on this voyage. He convinced them by giving greed of Gold in Asia.

In 1492, he went for voyage 1 with his 3 ships across Atlantic. Following are the islands discovered by Columbus in his 4 voyages:

VOYAGES| History of America


The explorer Christopher Columbus made four trips across the Atlantic Ocean from Spain

1st Voyage:    Hispaniola, Cuba, San Salvador (1492)

2nd Voyage:    Cuba, Jamaica, Hispaniola         (1493)

3rd Voyage:     Grenada, Margarita                    (1498)

4th Voyage:     Costa Rica, St. Lucia                     (1502)


When Columbus arrived in America, he found already present civilizations. He named them ’Indians’ as he thought that he has landed in India. He interacted with them and came back living three of his men behind. He went again on his 2nd voyage but found no one was alive as chief of place killed everyone. Columbus though contracted with the chief but later killed his people, beheaded three of them and made the natives extremely furious. As things got bad between Europeans and Native Americans, he went back to Spain. His third and fourth voyages were made later after the settlement with the natives.


Name of America

Earlier America was named ‘New World’, ’Golden land’ and ‘Strange land’ but after the death of Columbus in 1506, another sailor ’Amerigo’ sailed through the coast and was the first to realize that the indies were not the part of Asia rather a separate continent. In the history of America, the first map that named this piece of land as America after the name of Sailor Amerigo was published in 1507.








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