Famous “Truck Art ” of Asia

rsz 1truck art in pakistan Famous "Truck Art " of Asia

Famous Truck art of Pakistan


One who visited Pakistan must be well aware of its exquisite art and culture that is full of diversity and richness, art which captivates people from all over the world. From a variety of cuisines, dresses to illustrious art forms, Pakistan is famous for its variety in culture and traditions. One such well-known art form is “Truck art” which is the beauty of Pakistani art.

truck art in asia

Origin of “Truck Art”

People often try to figure out the origin of this art form and how it gradually modified to what we say exclusively “Truck art”. Truck art has been present since the 1940’s, however, a comparatively undemonstrative version of this art form was present in the past in the subcontinent.

It was first seen on trucks and wagons which were driven by Sikh transporters. They would paint a portrait of their spiritual Gurus or other religious figures on the back of their vehicles to show their association with the religion.

Gradually, Muslim truck and lorry drivers also began to paint portraits of their famous Sufi saints on their vehicles.

With the independence of Pakistan in 1947, drivers got more stuff to associate themselves with and paint and decorate their vehicles with. Truckers began to paint the Pakistani flags, landscapes and various famous historical buildings on their vehicles.

truck art

With the passage of time, this truck art got greatly influenced by politics. In the 1960s, when Ayub khan assumed charge as the President of Pakistan, in addition to his role as Chief Martial Law Administrator, people used to paint his portrait on the trucks especially those who were staunch supporters of his regime. This is how politics entered the world of art especially ‘Truck art’.


Significance of Truck Art

Truck art is mainly associated with the fact that how important is the vehicle to its owner. Usually, trucks or similar vehicles that are the source of earning for owners are precious to them. They carry goods and furniture from one place to another, used for delivery and other purposes.

It is normally perceived that the source of earning or the object that is helping you earn your livelihood is loved and cared for by the owner. Same is the case with trucks, Truck drivers have to travel day and night on long highways far away from their families. Sometimes these truck drivers have to sleep inside them. This makes them build a unique kind of association with their trucks, truck drivers have a great bonding with their trucks and it’s just like home to them. This is not just art, it represents their feelings, emotions, and passion for their trucks. This is the reason they paint and decorate it beautifully and passionately in every possible way.

Truck art is an artistic representation of the dreams, inspirations, hobbies, imagination of the Pakistanis and the painters. It also portrays the spiritual and political inclination of an individual. It represents the culture in a unique way.


Types of Truck Art

Art has no shape and form, however, Pakistani truck art comprises two types of the art formtruck art

  • Decoration pieces
  • Painting
  • Mirror work
  • Calligraphy


Decoration pieces typically adorn the truck’s side carriages. They are of different sizes and shapes and are often flashiest part of an embellished truck. They consist of a metal base with little chamak patty and are further highlighted with mirrors and studs. They are often embellished with jangling chains that make a sound while the truck is moving.


Pakistani truck art is one of the most attractive arts of painting. Bright and colorful paintings of animals, birds and sometimes famous buildings of Pakistan are often done on the front and back of vehicles. Apart from paintings, mirrors, bells, chains, glittery sheets, stickers, small bells, beadwork, and woodwork are also part of exquisite truck art.

Future of Truck Art


It may not seems so, however, the future of this unique form of art is bright than ever. Truck art has now evolved from an art to an inspiration that is incorporated in dress designs, shoe designs, crockery, and ornaments making. For centuries, truck art has continued to fuse different domains of arts in itself. From quotes to history, spiritual paintings to political leaders’ portraits, truck art continues to incorporate and fuse modern aesthetic elements and imagery with traditional spiritual and modern ones. Truck art is an exceptional way of promoting the art and culture of Pakistan. It is not just art rather it represents emotions, associations and one’s inclination towards certain subjects. Truck art is certainly a globally renowned form of art and is expanding rapidly in the realm of art and culture.





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