Elon Musk and SpaceX thinking BIG

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Elon Musk and SpaceX thinking ‘BIG’ for the future


Elon musk, the extensively renowned Spaceman, Tech Entrepreneur, and investor are making headlines again with his plan to send 1 million people to Red planet, Mars by 2050. Musk said on Thursday that his company SpaceX will launch the first crew on Mars by 2024. He expected to build 1,000 Starships over a period of 10 years. The giant spaceships are currently developing in South Texas and have the capacity to carry up to 100 people. Also, the ship is reusable and that is basically the goal, to cut short on the costs of spaceflight and to make the colonization of Mars more and more economically feasible.  According to Musk, the goal of the starship is 3 flights per day. “Building 100 Starships/year gets to 1000 in 10 years or 100 megatons/year or maybe around 100k people per Earth-Mars orbital sync,” Musk wrote in another Thursday tweet.


The architecture of SpaceX Starship

The full starship launch system consists of two main things. A giant 22 story rocket called “Superheavy” and a spaceship called Starship. The Starship spaceship would ride at the top of the booster; a booster is needed to escape the Earth’s gravity. Super Heavy won’t make the trip to Mars,  the huge rocket is needed just to get the Starship vehicle off Earth.  The spaceship will disconnect after the booster falls short of the fuel, and shoot up into orbit. The whole launch vehicle is about 387 feet tall and entirely reusable.

Cost of launch

According to Musk, the cost of launch will be quite less i.e. $2Million, 100 times cheaper than the current cost of launching such vehicles and passengers into the space using any rocket. The reason is the reusability feature of the system, taking triple flights daily. New Starship will be used to replace Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy, the existing SpaceX launch vehicles.

SpaceX gears up for SN1 development and is currently building its first Starship orbital vehicle, called the SN1, at South Texas facilities. Also on Thursday, Musk tweeted a photo in which technicians were working on the parts of  SN1. Musk said in his 2016 interview that there is no expectation of receiving any contracts from NASA for working on Mar’s architecture, however, any such contract would be welcomed.



Musk’s first Launch is just 2-3 months Away


Musk said in September 2019 that he hoped to launch a Starship into orbit by mid-2020 and maybe even fly a person in it before December 2020.

“First flight is hopefully 2 to 3 months away,” Musk in his tweet on December 27.

Musk’s goal is to launch an average of 3 starships per day and make the tour available at everybody’s reach. In case you don’t have money, the loans are also available. Isn’t it great?

Starlink Project

Among SpaceX’s many rocket launches and colonizing Mars plans, it has another project in the run. Its Starlink project aims to put up to 42,000 satellites into orbit around the Earth. The plans are to make these satellites positioned in such a way that they would beam down data providing internet to remote parts of the globe. SpaceX has been launching the satellites for a while now but in the form of chunks, flying 60 into orbit at a time. The company currently has 180 satellites in orbit and plans to launch new batches every two weeks or so for the rest of 2020.

Starlink Project
PC: Business Insider

Musk founded Space X back in 2002 with the vision to make humanity multi-planet species. Musk stated in a 2011 interview that he hoped to send humans to Mars’s surface within 10–20 years. There is no doubt that Musk is trying hard to colonize the red planet and this entire struggle is to establish a sustainable establishment on Mars. And we hope to see something big in the future.

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