CES 2020-The Greatest Technology Show

CES 2020

Consumer Electronic Show- CES 2020


What is CES?

Consumer Electronics Show with the well-known acronym CES is one of the biggest and incredibly exciting trade events for both the technology media and technology industry. This show is put on by CEA (Consumer Electronics Association) every year in early January in Las Vegas, Nevada for years now. The first-ever CES was held on June 24, 1967, in New York City over four days. The event is basically arranged for technology makers to showcase consumer tech that will be stocked in stores in 2020 and beyond. People associated with the consumer tech industry love to attend this great show of technology.

CES 2020


CES 2020

Having run every year in early January, CES 2020 marks the 53rd annual run of the biggest and most important consumer technology show. The show started on January 7 and ends on January 10, 2020. In Jan 2019, the show attracted more than 175,000 attendees and inspired more than 20 thousand media publications. Similar to last year, this year was also a source of great attractions for almost every consumer tech maker and technology fans viewing the show through live streams and constant media coverage. As CES 2020 is now over, we bring you all the news and updates from the event about how it went and what new technology you can look forward to this year and beyond.


Prominent Companies at CES 2020

Some of the prominent companies to descend upon CES every year and we expect to see some hot new tech stuff from are:

  • Samsung
  • Microsoft
  • Dell
  • Apple
  • LG
  • Sony
  • Google

1. Samsung

Like every year some very interesting products launched by Samsung are:

  • Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite:

The new phone offers a modern design, high-end specs, and a relatively nice camera. The main thing about Lite is that it includes many of the best features offered by the flagship device, but at an apparently more affordable price.

Read more on https://www.businessinsider.com/samsung-galaxy-s10-lite-price


  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is one of the best phones out there in the market, however, it is expensive. The good news for Samsung lovers is that Samsung has introduced a new Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite that has almost all the features provided by Samsung Galaxy Note 10 at an affordable price. Isn’t it great?

Read more on https://www.businessinsider.com/samsung-galaxy-note-10-lite-price

  • Samsung 8K QLED TV

Approx. Bezel-less frame in LED TVs has been in trends for the last few years. Many manufacturers have introduced various models for the LE, However, Samsung has now introduced one of the smallest bezels possible on an LED-LCD TV. It has a screen to boy ratio of almost 99%, it means that the front of the TV is entirely screen. According to Samsung, it has the greatest screen to body ratio in the market.


Read more on   https://www.businessinsider.com/samsung-8k-all-screen-tv-q950-ces-2020-revealed-2020-1

  • Dog-like, ball-shaped robot “ Ballie”

Samsung has unveiled its weird yet wonderful gadget that is a dog-like and ball-shaped robot that uses AI to follow its owner instructions and act as a maid and an intelligent personal photographer.

Read more on  https://www.businessinsider.com/samsung-unveils-robot-that-follows-owner-to-photograph-special-moments-2020-1


2. Microsoft

Microsoft does not believe in raining over all its products at such a forum. This year also Microsoft hasn’t disclosed so much. However, Microsoft is ready for invitation-only meetings.


3. Dell XPS 13 Laptop

Dell is America’s most prominent company after Apple and it doesn’t let go of any opportunity to display their new tech ideas and products. This year also Dell has put forward a new product, XPS 13 laptop, an addition to their advance laptop series. This laptop is available in the market now.

Read more on   https://www.businessinsider.com/dell-xps-13-price-2020


4. Apple HomeKit Smart home

Apple showcased its HomeKit smart home technology at CES  2020, highlighting the major products from partners using their software for connected appliances. Apple, however, didn’t launch anything of its own.


5. LG Rollable TV

LG providing the world with major tech goals has launched a new Rollable TV that rolls up into a box with a press of a button. It a unique and appealing approach to new TV design. You can get this impressive TV for a 65-inch model at whopping $60,000.


6. Uber and Hyundai Flying Cars

Uber and Hyundai stole the show this year as they are planning to introduce flying cars by 2023. As we know that Uber is aiming for skies for the past several years by teaming with various aerospace companies to build up a fleet of mini aircraft, Uber and Hyundai have now taken a step forward and showcased a full-sized mockup of flying taxi that will apparently become operational by 2023. Let’s hope for the best.

Read more at     https://www.techradar.com/news/uber-and-hyundai-are-planning-to-offer-flying-taxi-rides-by-2023


Overall CES 2020 was an event at the start of the year that brought so much to the table in terms of consumer technology. With Verizon, Sprint and T Mobile ready to give some more into the world of 5G connectivity and automotive brands introducing autonomous cars and renewable fuel technology, we can surely say that the tech world is booming with full power. Tech industry and Technology fans are surely not disappointed after witnessing CES 2020 and knowing what it holds for them in the future. However, some of the impressive technology introduced this year at CES is what you can get right now or at least this year while some mind-blogging technology concepts introduced will take some time to come into reality. But we wish all the tech giants all the best. Here is a general review from our side on CES 2020.


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