All about Famous Hermes Birkin Bags

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All about Famous ‘Hermes Birkin’ Bags


Are you a fashion freak? Do you love to have the most talked-about bags in your closet? Do you wish to have the most expensive bags to carry? Then the only name that we can suggest is Hermes Birkin bags.  Hermès handbags are said to be the most expensive bags and exclusive bags in the world. They easily range from a few thousand dollars to a whooping Million dollars.  The highest price ever paid for a Hermes bag was $379,261. These extremely high prices make these bags a status symbol. One cannot even imagine carrying these bags easily as they are exclusive and can only be sold if you have some kind of celebrity status. Moreover, one cannot just go and buy a Hermès bag as there is a long waitlist. One can just hope to be important enough or ready to spend enough to be offered a Birkin bag. And even if you’re offered one, don’t think to be able to choose the color or size. The brand also places limits on how many bags a single customer can buy per year. This is done to maintain the exclusivity and rareness of these bags.


It is said that these bags are not just luxury item instead they can be a good investment and most of the people having a few thousand dollars in their savings try to invest them in these bags. So. If you are planning to invest then here is a good option. The reason why buying Hermes bags is a good investment is that they never lose their original value price. The resale price is often more or stays the same.


Why are the Birkins So Expensive?

There must be a question in your mind about why these bags are so expensive? Then there are the few reasons that make these bags worth it.

Handmade and Detailing

All the pieces are made by hand at Les Ateliers Hermès, shops of Hermès in France. Hermès is a family-owned company and believes in old-world values. They use the 2 centuries old stitching style of France while manufacturing these pieces. All the craftsperson, men and women are experts in their work and produce every piece with great care. Hermès skilled workers always pay close attention to every step of the process when making a product. A great amount of detailing goes into these bags and they are never performed by a machine.

Original Animal Skin

The bags are expensive for the fact that they are made of original animal skin. Animals like a snake, crocodile, goat, etc. Hunting and killing animals is already illegal in many countries, which makes these bags super expensive. One of the Hermes bags is made from Albino crocodile skin, an extremely rare type of crocodile.

Diamonds and expensive metals

We don’t need to talk much about the fact that why a bag having diamonds is expensive. Other metals used in the bags are platinum and palladium. Both of these metals are rare and expensive. Most of the bags also contain buckles and locks made up of gold. Gold is mainstream yet expensive. This hardware attached to the bags makes them so exclusive.

Status symbol

Hermes bags are not just bags instead they are a status symbol. Not everyone can buy these bags. Instead, even rich people cannot get hands-on them easily. There are appointments, waitlists, obviously a huge amount of money and a lot of checking involved before you get one of them.

Limited edition

Each year not more than 200 thousand bags are produced. They are not mass-produced instead are released in the market in series, or even as unique pieces.


Celebrities having Collection of Hermes bags


Women love to have expensive, stylish accessories and when it comes to accessories what better than Hermes Birkins. Celebrities and models are often seen carrying these bags even when running on errands. As celebrities are always in the eyes of cameras and paparazzi always following them, it’s important for them to look classy. Here are few celebs that are mostly seen with a Birkin bag and have a collection of them in their closets.

Victoria Beckham 

When it comes to style, Victoria Beckham just nails it. She has a huge collection of 100 Hermes bag, worth almost 1.5 million British pounds. That’s a good investment, isn’t it?

Birkin bag

Kim Kardashian

Kim has her own unique style and loves anything that is expensive and rare. She often was seen carrying Birkin bags. Some of her Birkin bags are also custom made.

Kim birkin nag


Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan is also seen carrying unique colored, stylish Birkin bags. She has been seen wearing 5 different kinds of Birkin bags by the paparazzi. We are sure she has more in her closet as well.

Jamie Chua

A millionaire socialite from Singapore has the world’s largest Birkin bag collection. She is rumored to have more than 200 Birkin bags and is thought to surpass those of Kim Kardashian and Victoria Beckham.

Birkin bag

Other celebs including, Khloe Kardashian, Lady Gaga, Emma Watson, etc also have Birkin bags in their closets.


Fake bags

Due to the whooping prices of these luxury bags, many fake bags are also widely sold around the world. Many stores and online stores also sell similar bags at very less price, however, they all are fake and are nothing like the original Hermes Birkin bags. There are some tricks to distinguish between fake and original bag, however, it is easy to guess that if you are getting a so-called Hermes bag for a low price at a local store then it is for sure not real.


Last but not the least, luxury style comes with a price and so is the case with Hermes Birkin bags. They are stylish, expensive and exclusive and obviously a good investment. So, if you are a fashion freak and have some dollars in safe, invest them and buy a luxury bag and careful, don’t get conned by fake products.



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