10 British Royal Fashion Rules

British Royal Fashion 10 British Royal Fashion Rules

10 Royal Fashion rules that are must follow


You might think that the Royals always dress so prim and proper all the time. Are they all so graciously stylish and make no mistakes while dressing them up? Then you might be wrong. No doubt the British have their own sense of style as well and all Royal ladies from Queen to princesses dress them very nicely, however, there are also some rules that are set by the Queen for her Royal members of Family. These rules are the reason that has kept the family looking posh and proper all the time and avoiding any embarrassing moment for the last 60 years. Here are few royal fashion  rules that are must for royals to follow


Nude colors for Nails

Do you like bright color nail paints? Well, we do too. But royal ladies are not allowed to wear dark-colored or flashy nail paints like red, black, yellow, etc. Royal ladies have to wear nude colors that are more subtle and natural. Queen herself is faithfully following the rules and loves to wear Essie shade since 1989.  Kate Middleton is also seen wearing subtle colors on her nails.

Nude color for royal ladies

Hats are must

Hats are something that is a symbol of royal culture and is an old tradition. Even though back in the 1950’s women started to ditch their hats but royals never left the tradition. Queen had made it compulsory for royal ladies to wear a hat, especially at formal engagements like weddings and christenings. Duchess also wears hats to honor the country they are visiting. Hat are of various styles, shapes, and sizes and definitely a style statement for the general public as well.

hats in royal fashion
Source: She’s not from Yorkshire

Gloves for protection

Generally, gloves are worn to protect hands from getting cold, germs or just as style. Likewise, Queen wears gloves to protect herself for germs that can transfer by shaking hands with many people. Queen wears gloves before a public meeting or an event that involves shaking hands with many people. Gloves are generally made of Nylon and are in black and white color.


Royal fashion Gloves for queen
Source: AOL.com


Miniskirt is a no go for royal ladies

Miniskirts is a sexy and fashionable outfit and girls love to wear them in parties and other functions, however, short and miniskirt is a no go for the royal family. As the queen does not really appreciate miniskirts, Kate also abides by the rule and prefers wearing a knee-length dress. She also wore knee-length hemlines for her trip to Australia.


Always wear a pantyhose

Queen wants all-female family members to keep their legs covered in some kind of tights or pantyhose. This is the reason why Kate, all other female family members, and even guests wear pantyhose. Meghan Markle was the one that skipped her pantyhose at an event in November, early in her marriage; however, she also corrected her mistake later and started wearing pantyhose as per rule.

pantyhose must for royal ladies


Denim not appreciated

Denim jeans are not really appreciated by the royals. For casual outings, women in the family tend to favor trousers, cardigans, and blazers. Denim jeans rule is not that explicitly spoken by the queen but it is better to wear some other outfit.

meghan markle wearing jeans
Source: InStyle

Importance of black ensemble

Black dress is generally considered as a faux pas in the royal family. Royal ladies are not allowed to wear a black dress apart from Remembrance Day or someone’s death. However, Queen learned a lesson in 1952, when she and her husband were on a tour and she came to know about her father’s death. She came back to England and had no black clothes with her to be worn on the death ceremony. She could not get out of her plane unless a black dress was provided to her. From then onwards, every female royal member has to carry one black dress in their bags while traveling.

Tiaras at Occasions

If the royal ladies are known for anything apart from having perpetually glossy blow-outs and a seemingly endless rotation of nice coats, it’s their tiaras. Tiaras in the royal family signify the relationship status of royal ladies. It is worn by them to represent their marriage. The royal family also holds a family tiara that is presented to royal ladies at their wedding. The Cambridge Lover’s Knot Tiara is the famous Tiara that is worn by most of the royal ladies including Queen Mary; the Queen Mother; Queen Elizabeth II; Diana, Princess of Wales; and currently, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.

Tiaras of British Royal Family

Dark colors for Queen

Queen has a very unique taste in clothes. She likes to wear dark and prominent colors. This is also due to the fact that Queen wants to stand out in the crowd. While attending any event she chooses bright colors and keeps the matching element consistent. Her dress and hat are of the same color. Isn’t the queen very fashionable?


Clutch is a signal

If you think that bags and clutches are just for the purpose of keeping things then you might be wrong. Because ladies of the royal family often use their bags and clutches for unique purposes like Diana use to put the clutch in front of her chest to her cleavage while coming out of the car or on other occasions. Queen Elizabeth, uses a clutch to give certain signals letting others know what she wants at that time.

These are some of the rules that the British Royal Family follows. It keeps them in a proper and decent fashion domain always.

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