10 Most Bizarre Traditions in the World

most bizarre traditions 22 10 Most Bizarre Traditions in the World

10 Most Bizarre Traditions in the World 


There are many tribes around the world that follow various cultures for hundreds of years to keep their traditions and customs alive from generation to generation. Some customs may have some logical reasoning and benefits for the people following them. However, many are extremely bizarre and insensitive toward humankind. These people happily keep on following those rituals in spite of ban or criticism. They believe that is their culture and they feel pride in keeping themselves attached to the. Here are some of the most bizarre and weird cultures and customs followed by these tribes.

1. Bride Kidnapping

Roman gypsies have a different way of liking someone. They have this tradition that if a boy likes a girl, he can simply kidnap her and take her to his home. If the man gets successful in keeping that girl with himself for 3 days, the girl officially becomes his wife at least according to the tradition. This tradition is followed by the Roman community around the world.

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2. Toraja families living with the dead

Funerals can be expensive and families don’t often have the funds available to pay when a loved one passes away. So, what should one do? Well, the Toraja people of Indonesia have all sorted out. If they can’t afford a burial, the corpse is instead dressed in garbs and placed in a temporary coffin inside the families’ house. The family then lives with the dead body unless they find enough funds to pay for the burial. And the weirdest thing is that they don’t just pick up the corpse and take to the graveyard instead they dress up the dead body and walk it to the final resting place. Isn’t it bizarre?

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3. Jukun tribe’s Endocannibalism

Endocannibalism by its definition is a type of cannibalism that takes place in one’s own locality or community. This tradition involves the consumption of the flesh of a member of one’s own tribe, usually after they’ve died. Many tribes like Jukun people from Africa and the Yanomamo tribe from South America follow this tradition of cannibalism. They wrap the dead bodies or corpse of loved ones with leaves and let it rest for 45 days. After when insects have eaten the flesh enough, the bones are collected and mixed in a soup to be consumed. They believe that it helps the dead find peace and a way to paradise.



4. Self-flagellation by the Shiite community

Ashura is an event celebrated by the Shiite community in Muslims. The day is observed in commemoration of the death of Imam Hussein, on 9th and 10 of Muharram, a holy month in the Muslim calendar. Men on this day flagellate themselves with daggers and spill their blood to give tribute and mourn on the fact that they were not present to save Hussein in Karbala.

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5. Carrying wife over coal in china

China has this tradition where men after their marriage have to carry their brides and walk over the bed of burning coal. They believe that this helps their wives in having healthy and peaceful labor.

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6. Baby throwing in India

People in India have been following this tradition for the past 500 years where they throw a newborn baby from a height. Few people hold a large cloth where the baby eventually falls. It does not affect the baby, still, it is weird. This is also known as Baby Tossing. It is believed that this ritual will bring prosperity and luck to the newborn baby.

7. Danny family cut their fingers 

The Danny family from Indonesia also have a tradition after the death of their loved ones. They amputate their fingers means to cut a part of their fingers. Mostly this is done by women of the family. This is a way for them to show grief and sadness for the loss.

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8. Yanomami tribe Ingesting left ashes of the dead body

Another tradition after the death of a loved one followed by the Yanomami tribe in Brazil is ingesting the ashes of their loved one after death. The ashes are mixed in the soup and then consumed.

9.The Polterabend custom in Germany

A weird followed by people in Germany is that before a couple gets wed, all the family members gather in the house and break things like flower vases, etc. Then the couple is made to clear the mess. This is done to ensure that the couple can handle difficult times in the future. The start is made bad just to make them improve from there onwards.

10. Piercing in India

the last in the list of most bizarre traditions around the world is body piercing in India. A much painful tradition followed by Hindus is that they pierce their bodies to express their devotion to the lords. They pierce their tongues or other parts of the body for that matter. this tradition is not only followed by Indian people rather many other communities also keep up with it for various other reasons.




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